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WordFence Antivirus for WordPress Security with Powerful Features & Free Trial

WordFence Effective WordPress Antivirus

WordFence is a free WordPress security plugin that protects your site from hackers and malware.

It’s a popular choice among WordPress users as it has been installed on over 1 million websites. WordFence is also the most popular security plugin on WordPress.org with over 50% of the market share.

WordFence offers some great features such as site speed optimization, firewall protection, malware scanning, brute force login protection, spam prevention and vulnerability scanning.

wordfence Anti-virus

What Makes The WordFence Effective WordPress Antivirus Better Than Others?

WordFence is a WordPress security plugin that is used by more than 1 million websites. It has been created to protect your website from hackers, malware, brute force attacks and other malicious activities.

What makes WordFence different from other antiviruses? The answer to this question is its ability to detect and block attacks on websites. This plugin also offers a firewall for your website which blocks all the unwanted traffic.

The WordFence security plugin protects your website against brute force attacks and malware as well as hacking attempts. It provides protection against DDoS attacks and prevents spam comments from being posted on your website.

How the WordFence Effective WordPress Antivirus Works in 3 Simple Steps

The WordFence WordPress Antivirus is a complete security solution for all WordPress websites. It has three easy steps that will help you protect your website from malware and hackers.

The first step is to update your plugins and themes. The second step is to install the Wordfence plugin and the third step is to set up a firewall level of protection.

Wordfence offers a free malware scanner that scans for malicious code in files, themes, and plugins. The free scanner will also scan your site’s URLs for malware signatures, such as those created by the BlackHole Exploit Kit or by the Angler Exploit Kit.

What does Wordfence provide?

The scan of your WordPress with wordfence

Wordfence is a security plugin that scans your WordPress website for vulnerabilities. It also provides firewall protection, malware scanning, and other security features.

The scan of your WordPress with wordfence is an important step in securing your website. This plugin is free and easy to use, so there’s no excuse not to take advantage of it.

WordPress users often choose this plugin because it is free and easy-to-use. Other popular plugins are Sucuri, All In One WP Security & Firewall, and Jetpack by WordPress.com

Real-time traffic shows you all your site traffic instantly

Wordfence is a security plugin that offers real-time traffic data. It is designed to give you an overview of your site’s traffic, including the number of visitors, the country they are from and what pages they are viewing.

Wordfence has a lot of features that can be useful for site owners, such as blocking malicious users and scanning your website for vulnerabilities. It also has an analytics dashboard that can provide information about your visitors’ geographic location, browser type, screen resolution and how long they spend on your site.

This plugin offers many benefits for website owners because it tells them what their users are doing in real time. This way they can see if something is wrong with their website or if there is a sudden influx of traffic.

Improve the performance of your site using a cache

Caching is a process of storing data in the memory of a computer for faster access.

Caching can be done using different methods, but the most popular one is to use a dedicated cache server. The cache server stores data that is requested by other servers and then sends it back to them when requested again. This way, the load on your web server is reduced and you get an improved performance.

Wordfence caches your site’s content on their servers, which improves its performance.

Automatically Blocked IPs

Wordfence  is one of the best options for blocking IPs on your site.

Wordfence has a list of all blocked IPs that you can view by going to the “Firewall” tab in your Wordfence plugin. You can also see what IPs are currently blocked, who they belong to, how long they have been blocked for, and when they were first blocked.

Telephone Authentication

Wordfence also has an option for phone authentication. This option uses a technique called “2-factor authentication” which requires you to enter a verification code sent to your mobile phone number in order to log into your Wordfence account.

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Scheduling Scans

Wordfence is a security plugin that protects your WordPress site from hackers. It has two features that can help you schedule scans on your site: Scheduled Scans and Scheduled Updates.

The Scheduled Scans feature of Wordfence will scan your site for malware and other security issues at any time you set. You can set up the frequency of the scans as well as the time and day of the scans to best suit your needs.

You can also choose to have Wordfence automatically fix any vulnerabilities that it finds during a scheduled scan by selecting “Fix Now” from the drop-down menu next to “Fix vulnerabilities automatically.” This allows you to keep your site safe without having to worry about manually fixing each issue found by Wordfence each time a scheduled scan is completed.

Whois search

The WHOIS server is a central database for domain registration information. The information stored on the WHOIS server includes the name, address, phone number, email address, and the date of domain registration.

WHOIS servers are queried by Wordfence to find domain registration information of a website.

My Conclusion

WordFence is a WordPress security plugin that helps to protect your website from hackers and other threats. It is a free tool that can be used on any WordPress installation.

WordFence has been in the market for over 10 years and has accumulated a reputation for being one of the most effective WordPress antivirus tools. The company offers many features such as firewall, malware scanning, brute force protection, and vulnerability scanning.

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